Dead Air #1 Print Proof Is Here

It’s been a little over a year since I first broke story on the Dead Air series. Yesterday, the printed proof from the printer we are using for Issue #1 arrived here at Studio Alpaca HQ.

It’s amazing to finally hold this in my hands after such an intense, and enjoyable creative process bringing the story to life with the help of Joe Ng, Angela Hodge, Maja Opacic, Reed Hinckley-Barnes, and Sebastien Girner. Making comics is a massive team effort—frankly, any comic book series is a minor miracle of shared passion. I can’t wait to pick up the full print run of this issue, which should be ready in two weeks time, so I can start mailing it out to our amazing Kickstarter supporters.

Click here to read the first 4 pages of Dead Air #1 for free!

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