The Collected Code 45 Trade Paperback Available December 26

We’re just a couple of weeks away from the release of the Code 45 trade paperback edition. Originally slated to hit shelves on December 12, it’s looking more likely that it will be available on December 26—Boxing Day, for those who celebrate—according to what we’re seeing from retailers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon (with the same date showing for Canadian booksellers like Indigo, too).

Code 45 TPB Front Cover

This collected edition includes the entire run of Code 45 #1-5, and bundles all of the concept art from Joe Ng and Angela Hodge from the early stages of creating the story and characters, as well as every cover from both our Kickstarter and Scout Comics editions of the book. It also features an essay from me that dives in to one of the primary inspirations for Code 45, which was not published in any previous print version.

Code 45 TPB Back Cover

We were originally told that the actual date depended on the printing schedule, which is apparently a fungible thing, but the good news is there’s only a couple of week’s discrepancy—and if you order Code 45 now, you’ll still get it within 24 hours of Christmas (for those who celebrate).

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