Dead Air Issue #2 Goes Live On Kickstarter January 30!

Dead Air Issue #2 goes live on Kickstarter January 30 at 8 am EST!

The second chapter in the Dead Air saga sees our 90s DJ friends facing down mortal peril as they try to decode the mysterious signal that’s entered their lives. Is it a warning? Is it a threat? And who, or what, is reaching out to them across the void?

As always, links you to the campaign, starting with the “Upcoming Project” preview page where you can click to be reminded as soon as the project goes live.

In our experience so far, the more supporters who click that button—and who get in on the comic in the early stages of the campaign—the more eyes the Kickstarter algorithm will put on Dead Air. We always appreciate your early participation and help with this – it’s an ENORMOUS help.

We’re super excited to share Dead Air Chapter Two with all of you who were so incredible with your support for the debut of this story. As you can see by this amazing cover from Joe Ng, things get more than a little intense for our characters as their older selves try to connect the dots back to their university days, and deal with all of the emotions, dropped connections, and turmoil that causes.

We have plenty of cool world-building extras, music, and comedic interludes stuffed into Issue 2’s pages, too. It’s not all doom and gloom for Michelle and her friends!

We hope you’ll be back for the next installment of Dead Air. Tell all your friends! This is a great issue, and we’re very proud of the story we’re building together. We’ll be back with another reminder when the book launches to help make sure no one misses out on the Kickstarter campaign. We can’t do this without you, and we’re super grateful to have you along with us.

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