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Code 45 is a 5-issue graphic novel about Vanessa, a subway driver in Montreal who hears rumors that there are ‘dragons’ in the tunnels, monstrous apparitions that seemingly defy any explanation.

Her co-workers are terrified of working nights because of what they’ve seen, and so a large number of them self-medicate to get through their shifts without giving in to fear and anxiety. Gradually, it’s become impossible for them to tell what’s real, and what’s a hallucination brought on by their drug use.

Vanessa is transferred to the night shift and falls slowly into both this world and, thanks to her DJ roommate, the underground rave scene (a source of drugs and mayhem). She starts to witness things she can’t explain, and is forced to confront a shocking secret from her past that will make her question everything she though she knew about her family, her job, and the nature of reality.

How much longer can she deny what’s right before her eyes? Especially as the disappearances begin to multiply and even her own friends aren’t safe from the forces stalking the tunnels.

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Artist – Joe Ng. His first comics job was drawing Transformers for the Toronto-based company Dreamwave Productions. After that he was picked up by Udon Entertainment to work on a Transformers / G.I. Joe crossover book published by Devil’s Due Publishing. He is best known for his work on the Udon Street Fighter comics but has also worked on many other video game properties such as Soul CaliberDark Stalkers, Nintendo’s ARMS, and Overwatch.

Writer – Benjamin Hunting. A full-time freelancer who over the last decade has been published in the New York Daily NewsMotor TrendSuper StreetToronto Star, and National Post, as well as numerous other magazines and online publications. He has also self-published a literary novel. This is his first graphic novel.

Graphic Design / Lettering – Angela Hodge. Started her career as a children’s book illustrator for Cornucopia Books before her foray into graphic design. After a period of paying her dues as a lowly layout artist, she stumbled into 3D modeling and now enjoys a challenging career as a physical product designer.

Colorist – Josh Perez. Born in Germany, raised in Texas, and resident of the incredibly humid world of  Florida. As an artist and colorist he’s been in the comic industry since 2003 and has worked with a lot of the  franchises he’s grown up with as a kid. In addition to comics (IDWDreamwaveFun Publications) Josh has also worked with cartoons, toys, and the odd video game or two. He is best known for his work on with the TransformersStreet Fighter, and Mega Man licenses.

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Hey, it’s me, holding a copy of my first comic book at Crossover Comics in Montreal!
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