Dead Air Friday Tune-Up! Esmeralda’s I Hate Myself And Want To Dye My Hair CJNK Playlist!

If it’s Friday, that must mean it’s tune-up post time! Today we’re diving head-first into the most far-reaching genre out of all of CJNK’s DJ’s from Esmeralda’s alternative rock show I Hate Myself And Want To Dye My Hair.  I’m going to be honest: this was the style of music I listened to the most… read more »

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University Radio Was The Music-Loving Older Sibling I Never Had

If there’s one cliché that emerges time and time again when talking to music obsessives about their formative years, it’s the older sibling who routinely passed down pieces and parts of their own record collection. These audio breadcrumbs often served as a shortcut past the mainstream, opening up the door… read more »

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